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Tech Tips - Painting

Tech Tips For Using Modelers Acrylic Airbrush Paint

Model Preparation

Styrene Models

Metal: Primer or No Primer

Prepare Your Paint

Stirring the Paint

Straining the Paint

What if my paint won’t mix?

Paint Your Model

Compressor Pressure

Blemishes and Runs

Apply an Opaque Finish

Apply A Weathered Look

Paint Dry Time

Paint Cleanup

Airbrushing Miniatures

Tip Size

Controlling the Cone Spray

Nozzle Size

Needle Taper

Needle and Nozzle Cap

Air Pressure

Consistency of Paint

Customer Q & A

Do you guys make a primer?

Can this paint be applied with a micro-brush in very very small spaces?

Can the paints be brushed on for detail and touch- up work, like trim around doors & windows and board & batten trim on small HO/N gauge structures?

How easy are your paints to use as washes? I need to make some dirty windows with your Dirt paint I got.

What do you use as thinner?

What is the ratio for paint to thinner?

Why do your recommend using a mechanical mixer to mix your paint?

What do you recommend for clean-up?

What is the best way to mix your paint?