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Paint Mixer w/ 4 Attachments Cordless Handheld Mini Mixer


  • $ 1325

Cordless Mini Mixer:  Easy to use hand held mixer. Simple, effective way to mix your paint. More effective than shaking. 

Included: Deluxe Cordless Mini Mixer by Norpro comes with 4 attachments. The stick attachment mixes paint thoroughly. Requires two AA size batteries (not included). 

How to Use:  The split stick attachment is ideal for thorough, efficient mixing of ModelersDP airbrush paints.

  • Submerge the tip of the stick attachment in the paint (our paint bottles are over-sized to allow space for mixing) 
  • Tap the ‘On’ button for each count of 1 to 100 (CAUTION: Spinning the mixer too fast will result in paint flowing over the sides of the bottle.)
  • Move stick around bottom of paint bottle while mixing.
  • Attachments: Only the stick attachment will fit inside ModelersDP 1 oz paint bottles with no alteration required. If desired, alter the whisk attachment by clipping the ends off and leaving 4 prongs, then insert inside paint bottle for very effective mixing.

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