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About Modelers Paint


Modelers acrylic airbrush paint is designed for the model railroad hobbyist - experienced or novice. Modelers paint colors provide a substitute for Polly Scale and Floquil paint colors. Enjoy simple prep, easy clean-up.

Modelers paint is an opaque paint with finely ground pigments that dries to an exceptionally smooth satin finish. The paint was formulated for airbrushing your prize model, but can be used for brush painting as well.

Our formula provides you with excellent bonding on:

    • plastics, especially styrene
    • metals
    • glass
    • wood
    • leather
    • and a variety of other materials.

For a more durable finish, Modelers paint can even be baked. 

If desired, add a finish using a variety of mediums: mattes, glazes, or Testors® Dull Cote. The smooth satin finish provided by Modelers is a great base for applying decals.

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