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Gallery - D. Windolph REEFER CARS

"I ordered some basic colors to try and decided to give a real test by painting some reefers with reefer yellow, which is always a difficult color to make cover very well. I used a couple different red oxide and boxcar red colors for ends and roofs. It took a little while to get used to spraying the many thin coats but I soon had no problem with that approach. I used both a Paasche VL and an H-3 just to see if there was any real difference in how the paint went on but both worked fine."
"The UP Tiffany reefer is an On3 resin cast kit as are the two C&S reefers and the yellow covered very well. The only minor problem was that the paint lifted a little from the brass grabirons when I pulled off the masking tape after painting the roofs and ends. I touched them up with a brush and that worked fine."
ModelersDP acrylic airbrush paint photo gallery reefer yellow, box car red, red oxide
"I found that vinyl-type masking tape was too aggressive and pulled paint from the side of the car when I removed it but Tamiya masking tape worked very well. I was really pleased at how nicely the decals went on. I was a little concerned because I use Champ decal set which is pretty strong, but it didn't affect the paint and the decals look fine."
"The On3 D&RGW reefer is from a plastic kit and everything went as smoothly as for the resin kits. The colors came out slightly darker than the resin kits because the plastic was cast in yellow and brown, but this was ok because I like the slight difference."

"All of the cars will be oversprayed with matte finish and I'll weather them to varying degrees, but the photos show them in a just painted look."

 "I intend to buy more paint ... I still miss Floquil, but your paint is the first I've really liked since it went away. I'm going to experiment with painting brass and baking it next time and hope it works for me, as I work a lot in brass."  D. Windolph