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Gallery - G. Toman ACL, CGW, and Rock Island Boxcars



"Atlantic Coast Line is a Yarmouth Resin Kit painted with your [ModelersDP] Boxcar Red and Grimy Black for underframe. Light weathering with your Dust Color" 


"Rock Island is another custom built car with a scratchbuilt underframe from Parts obtained from the 2015 Cocco beach RPM. The sides is a mix of 6 parts Box Car Red and 2 parts Caboose Red. The Sides were also coated with a Satin finish... Light weathering of Earthtone PanPastels applied to sides. The Running Boards are Styrene and scribed to look like wood. These were painted with your [ModelersDP] Depot Buff. Given a wash of your [ModelersDP] Black to bring out grain and bolt detail. Pan Pastels were applied in various shades and a light coat of the Boxcar Red and Caboose Red mix was put on top." 
"CGW is a custom car built with a scratchbuilt underframe from parts from the 2017 Chicagland RPM Meet and painted with your [ModelersDP] Tuscan. A clear topcoat of Satin was used after Decals were applied"


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