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Gallery - M. Grand A7V

" I'm not a railroad modeler but build figures and armor. ...I recently ordered some weathering colors as I really do miss the old Polly Scale paints. I love these MDP colors and they airbrush and work well with a paintbrush too. Here is a photo of an old Tauro Models A7V kit. I used the weathering colors on this kit and plan to incorporate them into my other projects as well. Thank you for producing such a fine product. 
"I must say I really love your paints, they airbrush beautifully, and even though coverage is thin when painting with a regular brush, I have used them as a "glaze" over other colors. 
The base and ruins have been painted with only three colors : Grimy Black, Red Oxide and Antique White - ALL M D & P! I am very pleased.  Marc Grand , Kalamazoo MI."

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