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Gallery - W. Pierce ROLLING STOCK & STEAM

W Pierce steam K37

"After some years of searching for the "right" paint for my Model Railroad, I found the Modelers DP and ordered a sample set. Wonderful. It did take a little experimenting to learn how to use them." 

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"I use the basic colors for all my craftsman RR kits.  I have plastic kits and wood-u-build models.  I use one base color for the undercarriage and then depending upon the type of car another color for the upper body and then roof."
"I do not have to gloss the cars before applying decals as, after the paint dries to a smooth satin sheen, the decals go on smoothly  and await a coat of dulling paint.  And the paint is not affected by the decal setting solution I use."
W Pierce oil car
"I use an alcohol base wash with liquid shoe dye or ink and pastel chalks mixed with alcohol for the weathered rust and effects. I like the fact that the MDP paints are not affected by my weathering techniques. I then use a brand of acrylic paint for the smaller colored details which do not affect the MDP paints."
W Pierce flat car
"As my Railroad is all steam, I apply a light coating of Soot over the entire car and use another light coating of MDP Dirt for the bottom edge and under carriage.  These final two colors dull the overall finish of the model to a realistic lusterless sheen."
W Pierce steam C19
"This is my web site for my railroad   All the Kit made rolling stock has MDP paints on them is some form or fashion, as base coat or weathering. A link to my rolling stock page"  Wayne Pierce